‘Not fair’: Novak Djokovic blasts Canada for handing USA walkover at Davis Cup

‘Not fair’: Novak Djokovic blasts Canada for handing USA walkover at Davis Cup Serbian tennis ace and 16-time Grand Slam winner Novak Djokovic has criticized the Canadian men’s tennis team for handing the USA a doubles walkover in the Davis Cup group stage.

The Canadian squad took claimed two wins against their American rivals, guaranteeing their participation in the playoffs.

But they then pulled out of their doubles match – which would have not affected their group standings – gifting a 6-0, 6-0 win to the USA.

The move was widely condemned by fans and some stars, including Djokovic, as according to Davis Cup rules the two best second-placed teams from the six groups will still advance to the quarterfinals, with sets and games won being taken into account.

“I personally don‘t like that. I mean, that shouldn‘t be allowed, to be honest. I understand that Canada is through already, they won both of their ties,” Djokovic .

“Maybe some of the players like Felix, I think he‘s injured, and they wanted to rest their players for the quarterfinals and onwards. But I just feel it‘s not fair that the USA gets 6-0 6-0 because they are going actually head-to-head now against Italy,” he added.

The newly-established Davis Cup format divides 18 teams into six groups, with the group winners and two best-placed runners-up qualifying for the quarterfinals.

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